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MuxxuGame - MyBrute

  1. Can I import my brute from and the Muxxu version of MyBrute are two completely separate games. There is no link between the two, and no pupils on the Muxxu verison, so it is not possible to import your brute.

  2. Why has my brute gone back to level 1?

    When your brute wins a tournament, its ranking increases (rankings are visible on the Rankings page) and it begins again at level 1.

    Your brute also loses any weapons, skills and other bonuses acquired under their previous ranking.

  3. Why are the skills offered at higher ranking levels the same as those at lower levels?

    When you win a tournament and increase your ranking, you will be given the choice of keeping the same destiny (making the same choices at each level-up) or to randomly select a new destiny.

    Note: If you make the second choice, you could still be unlucky and end up with a similar destiny to your previous one.

  4. What is the point of wounds?

    Every time you are defeated in combat, your brute is wounded. After 3 wounds, your brute will not be able to fight again until the next day (wounds are healed at midnight).

    Wounds can be healed at the hospital which allows your brute to fight some more (up to a maximum of 10). However, there is no public healthcare system in MyBrute. You need to pay for it, and it can only be done once per day.

  5. Why can my brute not fight any more?

    Your brute has already been wounded 3 times, or your brute is exhausted.

    Exhaustion kicks in after 10 combats, regardless of how many wounds you have sustained.

    This rule is in place to stop brutes which have had luck on their side during the first few levels climbing the rankings at a dizzying pace!

  6. How can I delete a brute?

    Your brutes cannot be deleted.

    If a brute is no longer of use to you, you can retire them. Once retired, they cannot fight, nor be attacked. A retired brute still counts as a brute in your possession, and as such cannot be replaced by a free brute.

    Only 2 free brutes per player, whether they are retired or not.

    NB: Changing a brute's destiny after winning a tournament does allow you to have a new one...

  7. I've earned a title. What is it for?

    Titles are rewards which allow you to personalise your profile page.

    They are displayed on your profile and shown on the Forums.

    To modify your title, go to My Profile > Change my Title.

  8. How do I get weapons, animals etc. ?

    All you need to do is level-up.

    Each increase offers two branches (2 propositions): You will have the choice between skills, weapons, an animal or attributes (Strength, etc.).

  9. Why can't I bring one of my brutes out of retirement?

    If a brute has been retired having already fought (Tournament or Training), you will not be able to bring them out of retirement the same day.

    Wait until midnight when you will be able to get your brute back in great shape.

  10. I kept the same destiny, but chose another path at level X, what will happen?

    Each brute's destiny is determined randomly using a 'tree' of destinies comprising skills, weapons, pets and bonuses.

    So, if you select Option A at level 1, you will not get the same propositions at level 2 as you would have had you chosen Option B.

    Furthermore, rarely will a skill be offered twice in the same destiny: think carefully before making your choice!

  11. How do I gain experience?

    Each battle fought in training earns you 1 Experience Pt, regardless of outcome (voctory or defeat).

    Each victory in the Tournament earns you 1 Experience Pt.

  12. How do I take part in a tournament?

    As soon as a brute hits level 3, they can register for a tournament.

    Each brute can participate in one tournament per day (wounds do not affect reistration).

  13. I can't link my MyBrute account with Muxxu!

    There could be several reasons for this.

    To link your brute, it must be password-protected.

    Ensure this password is not too long (10 characters maximum), otherwise the linking may not work.

    If your password is not too long, check your brute's name. You must copy the name of your brute from the address bar.

    Therefore, if your brute is called Super Brute, the address displayed will resemble

    You must copy exactly what is between http:// and

    For the example given, you should enter super-brute, being careful not to miss the hyphen.

    If after all this, the linking still doesn't work, please contact Support

  14. How many animals can I have?

    You can have up to four animals: Only one bear or panther, and up to 3 dogs over and above.

  15. How can I change my brute's appearance?

    A brute's appearance cannot be modified by a player. Only armour will change their appearance (slightly).

  16. Why did my brute lose health points?

    Owning an animal reduces a brute's endurance, ie their life-expectancy. It's a trade-off. The drop is proportional to the animal's power.

  17. Why is my brute standing strangely in fights?

    This behaviour is random. Some brutes have fighting positions. It is rare, but gives no bonus / penalty in battle.

  18. Using certain skills results in my brute getting wounded. Does this happen every day?

    It is down to you whether or not you activate skills which result in self-wounding. You can choose to not use the skill for a 24 hour period in order to escape wounding.

  19. Can I change my brute's name?

    Nales cannot be changed after creation.

    If you are no longer happy with your account name, you can unsubscribe from your current account and create a new one with your desired name.

  20. Where is the Support section for MyBrute on Muxxu?

    The Muxxu version of MyBrute is a completed game which will not have any more updates. Consequently, support for MyBrute on Muxxu is closed. If you come across a problem in the game, we recommend you to consult the Game Help or to use the community forums for Mybrute on Muxxu.

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